Online Apologia Biology, Physical Science, General Science,
 and Introduction to Chemistry
Online Bob Jones Earth Science and Life Science
 with Mrs. P. Valdez
Last Revised 9/30/2013
 Click Schooling method of teaching students via the internet and a certified curriculum.
Students click the links assigned for them to read. Activites are downloaded from links that are provided in the weekly email.
Assingments are snail mailed to the instrudctor for review. 
This is a fun and easy way to learn Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Life Science, Earth Science and General Science.
Many video sites such as You Tube, Discovery, How Stuff Works, are assigned to reinforce the student's knowledge of the material.

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Materials Needed:
Textbook Required (Ask instructor)
Internet Access
PC with printer
Index Cards
Binder with dividers
Protective Sheet Covers
Color Pencils or Markers
Household school supplies; for ex. glue, scissors, etc.


1. Schedule of assignments are emailed to students

directly on a weekly basis. students mails in the assignments to the instructor

after completing 5 Modules or Chapters for review.

2. Teacher assistance available via internet or cellphone (texting is best).

Now Sciencehelper on Facebook, too.

3. Open Book TESTS. 

4. Students that complete the semester receive a certificate of completion once all work is submitted via snail mail.

***Please note: Failure to submit assignments for review on time will forfeit the students opportunity to take the second semester.

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Pay via snail mail or Paypal.
Enrollment Form
Copy and paste in email.
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_____Payment via snail mail to: Patricia Valdez, 121 Sharer St., San Antonio, TX. 78208-1937