Science to YOU!

***Read details below.

Hands-On Science Classes for children ages 5 - 18 (depending on the camp),

 in your home or local park, co-op, private, or charter school.

Science equipment can be expensive and you'll probably only use
it once. Wouldn't it be nice if someone had all the equipment and came
to you? Well, now there is!

30+ year experienced teacher, Patricia Valdez can do this for you
for you in your home, private (charter) school, co-op, organization or public school.

(minimum of six students).

Secondary TX Certified
Instructor with a Life-Time Certification.

The hands-on science experience that comes to you!
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Elementary Camps

View video, click below:

1 hour sessions

Price Range: $125-145 per hour depending on the camp.

Divide the fee by the number of participants.

Limit 12 elementary age children.  

Suggested Camps:



Pond Life

Observe pond water


Observe worm activity lab

Brain Power

Brain Labeling

Aurther's Pet Shop

How to care for your pet.

Bats, Birds and Butterflies!

Anatomical study of these creatures.


Parts of the telescope, Planets, Sun, Stars

 What's Up Doc?

What does it take to be a doctor?

Geology 4 Kids

3 types of rocks

Paint a plaster fossil


 Plant Power!

Parts of the plant

Observe parts under microscope

Compare Seeds

 Whoo, whoo Owls

Dissect an Owl Pellet!

($145 per


 TX Mammals?

Hands on observation of mammalian bones

Paint plaster track molds

Go Green!




All about the Heart

Label the Heart 


 Sea Shells by the Seashore

Learn to differentiate shells

Shell Craft

All about Frogs

Frog Life Cycle

Preserved Frog Observation

(no dissection)


 Eye Openers

Eye Dissection 


Detectives on the Loose

 ***Customize a camp!

Some Descriptions

Wiggly Worms

Ages 5 and up!
This is an exciting tactile class that allows children to discover the behavioral habits of earthworms through fun and safe experiments.
Children will explore how worms move, how they get around with no eyes, why they prefer darkness, how they smell and so much more.
Shhhh....each child recieves a gummy worm treat after the class. This discovery camp is so much fun!  $95 hour + $? class supply fee (lecture demo with hands on activity)

$125 hour (includes supplies)  Divide the fee by the number of participants.

Plant Power
Ages  5 and up
Children will learn that plants that have the power within! Learn what is photosynthesis, anatomy of the flower and propogation through fun hands-on activities. Each child will take home a pot with newly cut plants to grow to grow at home.
$125 hour (includes supplies)   Divide the fee by the number of participants.

Sea Shells by the Seashore  Ages 5-up
Did you go shell hunting this summer? Learn how to identify a variety of shells after a shell treasure hunt. With ocean wave music in the background students will have fun investigating characteristics of an assortment of shells. Shells once sheltered an animal; worms, sea snails, or crabs. Discover how these shells helped these animals. Create a shell craft to take home.
$125 hour  (includes supplies)  Divide the fee by the number of participants.
Go Green!!!  Ages 5 and up!
Learning about our environment is so important. To learn this at an early age is even more. This camp will teach children how to compost with stuff from their refrigerators and how important it is to keep as much out of our landfills as possible. They will observe live earthworms and learn basic composting. Children will also learn what is supposed to be recycled; plastics, cardboard, and newspapers. They can learn to be their family's Recycle patrol.
$125 hour (includes supplies)  Divide the fee by the number of participants.


***If you want a specific subject covered, let me know and I can customize a camp just for your group!

Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Oceanography, etc.

Middle and High School Camps

$45-$55 per student

 for middle and high school students

(1and 1/2 hour classes)

ALL supplies INCLUDED in FEE.

Photo: Vertebrate Homeschool Camp


View video, click below:



Photo: Invertebrate Camp

Interested in having a science camp in your private, charter or homeschool?

Minimum of eight students.

Middle and High School Camps



I can customize a camp, too. Botany, Intro. to Chem., Intro. to Phy., and more!





  Invertebrates-worms, locust, crayfish, starfish, or clam

Dissect earthworm, clam, locust, starfish or crayfish.

Students get their own specimen. Ages: 7-up

 $45 per student; per specimen

  Vertebrate-Perch or Frog

Dissect perch (each), or frog (each)

 Ages: 7-up

Students get their own specimen.

Ages: 9-up

 ***Students receive a commemorative frog anatomy apron for the frog dissection.

$55 per student.


     ALL supplies included in fees.


  Sea Life Museum

  Show N Tell

No dissection - view seahorses, starfish, crayfish, shark, jaws, dogfish shark and other great beach finds!  I have a great display of objects and specimens for children to hold and observe. A very tactile class. Ages: 5-up years. (younger siblings are able to join in if they are able to sit quietly; free)


 $125 per hour.

Group Session

(Divide the fee by the # of participants)

  Saving Sea Creatures

Students learn the habitats and how to help save sea creatures. Students observe preserved specimens but NO DISSECTION. This is a fun and exciting camp for students that have a heart for saving animals.

 Ages: 5-up years.

  $125 per hour.

(Divide the fee by the # of participants)

What's Up Doc?


Dissect a fetal pig.

Groups of two per pig.

Observe sheep eye, heart, brain, and kidney. Ages: 10- up

 Students receive a commemorative pig anatomy apron.

$55 per student



Dissect a fetal pig..

Groups of four per rabbit. Ages: 10- up.

Students observe sheep eye, heart, brain, and kidney.


Learn the parts of the microscope and observe various slides under the microscope. I have over 200 slides

$55 per student

$55 per student

$45 per student


$45 per student



Hosting is EASY as 1,2,3 !!!

1. Provide a location for the camp. Location can be a classroom, your home or local park.

2. Contact your group of friends or students.

3. Collect all fees and enclose in an envelope with registration forms.




San Antonio Academy - Shark Camp


In House Camp

Outdoor Camps, Too!!!

find a park or your backyard!

at a park near you!

                                       At Park Camp                                                    Backyard Camp                                                


Contact Mrs. Valdez at 210-845-2474 or email

Mrs. P. Valdez is a certified Lifetime Biology Instructor who graduated from

St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX.

She is an Art Minor and Certified to administer Standardized tests from Bob Jones University.

She has taught at the following schools in San Antonio:

South San Antonio High School

San Antonio Academy

Family Eduator Alliance of South Texas

Bethesda Christian Institute

Kriterion Montessori School

Ramses Charter School

Alamo Area Christian Educators

BACH Co-op


Clear Approach Co-op

Life Shine Co-op

St. Joseph's Catholic Co-op

and LAUDE Catholic Co-op.

She has done voluntary work for Alamo Area 4H-ers.

15 year VBS director at New Life Ministries of San Antonio

Presently a member of Grace Point Church and is a Sunday School Substitute.

She loves Science and kids.

Mentor for (Online College Courses)


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